Pacific Environmental Group: Asbestos Abatement Experts

Asbestos Abatement

Pacific Environmental Group provides asbestos abatement, and takes the safe and efficient removal of asbestos, very seriously. We are a certified general contractor (CCB # 66770/LBP), so we can carefully deconstruct the asbestos in a safe, professional manner

Asbestos is a mineral fiber that has been used commonly in over 3000 building construction materials. Because of its fiber strength and heat resistant properties, asbestos has been used for a wide range of manufactured goods, mostly in building materials (roofing shingles, ceiling and floor tiles, paper products, and asbestos cement products), friction products (automobile clutch, brake, and transmission parts), heat-resistant fabrics, packaging, gaskets, and coatings.

When asbestos-containing materials are damaged or disturbed by repair, remodeling or demolition activities, microscopic fibers become airborne and can be inhaled into the lungs, where they can cause significant health problems.

The following are examples of some building materials that may contain asbestos:

• Asbestos board/paper products in electrical equipment.
• Sprayed/loose packed asbestos - e.g. as fire breaks in ceiling voids.
• Sprayed coatings and laggings - e.g. insulation of pipe work.
• Ceiling tiles
• Flooring - e.g. floor tile and mastic, sheet linoleum, leveling compounds.
• Asbestos cement products - roofing and wall cladding, transite siding.
• Insulating boards - used for fire protection, thermal insulation.
• Certain textured coatings - ceiling & wall texture, acoustical support.
• Thermal System Insulation (TSI) e.g. pipe and boiler insulation
• Sprayed fire retardant containing asbestos and cement mixture - fire protection.

Extensive safety measures must be taken to ensure safe asbestos removal when abatement is needed. This is where we come in; we are experts in Asbestos removal. Contact us to discuss your asbestos abatement, asbestos survey and sampling, and disposal needs.